Tummy trouble this summer?

Let's get your gut back on track


IBS? Try the low FODMAP diet without giving up good food

Do you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), food intolerances, toilet trouble, bloating, wind or gut pain and struggle to know what to eat? Do your symptoms persist despite the all-clear from your GP? If you want:

  • a healthy gut
  • less symptoms
  • to eat your favourite foods again

then registered nutritional therapist Kym Lang BSc is here to help. Digestive problems can often be managed with simple changes to your diet. In pip nutrition's London consulting room Kym will unravel your health issues, and we'll get in the pip kitchen to show you what you can eat to feel good again.

Pip nutrition's philosophy is about food with flavour, with expert recommendations led by the latest research: so change is enjoyable and it works. Kym is trained in the evidence-based low FODMAP diet for IBS. Her professional advice is personal and insightful, and your bespoke action plan makes it possible: that's pip. Get quick healthy recipes and shopping lists, with tips for eating out and easy cookery demos.

The blog is your go-to for recipes your stomach will love; advice on coping with gut problems and a busy life; and the latest low FODMAP diet news. Ready to feel better? Book your appointment today.

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