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Welcome to pip speaks. Here you’ll find recipes that your stomach will love, inspired by my eating adventures across the world; tips for balancing digestive problems with real life; and the latest news on gut health, including the low FODMAP diet for IBS. Join me in the pursuit of good health and good food in London. Don't let IBS hold you back!


Overcoming IBS with grace: Miranda's story

12 October 2017

Miranda overcame six years of chronic digestive problems, and regained her confidence in food.  

3 simple ways to reduce your bowel cancer risk

7 September 2017

A new report explains how exercise, and eating wholegrains and dairy can reduce your risk of bowel cancer.

The Sunlight Sets: When love wobbles, wait for breakfast

31 August 2017

A new set menu from the Sunlight Sets: light, easy to digest menus we can all enjoy.

The Sunlight Sets

31 August 2017

Welcome to The Sunlight Sets, my cookbook in progress: light, easy to digest set menus everyone can enjoy.

Quick pickled radishes

26 August 2017

These blushing beauties are good for your gut in so many ways.

No recipe low FODMAP summer meals

5 July 2017

You'll be eating these super simple low FODMAP meals all summer long.

Impromptu picnic? Here's my top 5 foods

15 June 2017

Low FODMAP picnic snacks? It's a walk in the park!

Bananas on the low FODMAP diet: yes or no?

2 June 2017

Don't go bananas: while ripe ones are high FODMAP, there is another way to eat your favourite fruit.

Be a star, bake these one-bite cakes for Bowel Cancer UK

2 March 2017

Find out how this tiny, tasty cake can help raise money for Bowel Cancer UK this Easter.

Little pip

28 February 2017

Having fun in and out of the kitchen, with my little pip - places to eat, vitamin bombs and a healthy way of life. Get all our photos and tips here, and visit the little pip page for our latest adventure, tweets and family fun.