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Welcome to pip speaks. Here you’ll find recipes that your stomach will love, inspired by my eating adventures across the world; tips for balancing digestive problems with real life; and the latest news on gut health, including the low FODMAP diet for IBS. Join me in the pursuit of good health and good food in London. Don't let IBS hold you back!


"My bloating has disappeared" - Karen's story

9 January 2017

Find out how Karen beat her digestive problems with the low FODMAP diet.

May your Christmas be merry and light

21 December 2016

This Christmas, let's show ourselves some love and lightness.

Low FODMAP diet 101

2 June 2016

Get the lowdown on the low FODMAP diet in my article for Nutritionist Resource.

Spring newsletter

13 May 2016

Want smart advice for a healthy digestion and the best tummy-friendly cake recipe? All here in my latest newsletter.

The Government's new Eatwell Guide and what it means for your digestion

8 April 2016

Public Health England's Eatwell Guide encourages a healthy diet, but what if you have digestive problems?

Be a star, bake this cake for Bowel Cancer UK

16 March 2016

Eating well can reduce your risk of bowel cancer. Amazingly, this delicious loaf cake gets you on your way. Bake it for your friends and raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

Moroccan-spiced carrot dip

2 March 2016

Do some armchair travelling through North Africa, and enjoy this gently-spiced dip with a sunrise hue.

Calm your IBS with mindful eating

18 November 2015

Take a quiet moment to enjoy your food, and reap the benefits.

Insider knowledge from the world experts in the low FODMAP diet

6 November 2015

Or what I learnt about food intolerance, FODMAPs and sourdough at an international meeting of minds in gorgeous Prato, Italy - a centre of the slow food movement.

My autumn time-saving tip in Healthy You magazine

9 September 2015

I'm in the 25th anniversary celebratory edition of World Cancer Research Fund's Healthy You magazine.