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Welcome to pip speaks. Here you’ll find recipes that your stomach will love, inspired by my eating adventures across the world; tips for balancing digestive problems with real life; and the latest news on gut health, including the low FODMAP diet for IBS. Join me in the pursuit of good health and good food in London. Don't let IBS hold you back!


Insider knowledge from the world experts in the low FODMAP diet

6 November 2015

Or what I learnt about food intolerance, FODMAPs and sourdough at an international meeting of minds in gorgeous Prato, Italy - a centre of the slow food movement.

My autumn time-saving tip in Healthy You magazine

9 September 2015

I'm in the 25th anniversary celebratory edition of World Cancer Research Fund's Healthy You magazine.

7 ways to reduce your risk of cancer - my tips in Bella magazine

31 July 2015

I'm quoted in this week's Bella magazine.

Is Masterchef making you fat?

9 June 2015

If you cook up a storm after watching your favourite TV cookery show, you could end up weighing more than you want to.

Make the best summer salad - without a recipe

7 August 2014

Love summer salads but running out of inspiration? I'll show you how make the best salads in less than ten minutes, no recipe required.

The unbearable lightness of beans

10 July 2014

Let me prove to you that beanz meanz more than Heinz, with the great and yummy bean challenge.

Thoughts on: easing back into wellness

26 April 2014

Has life in the big city been a bit rough lately? Whether you’ve been feeling ill, stressed or worn out, here’s some thoughts on how to ease back into wellness.

How to make: Spring quinoa salad bowl

5 March 2014

Blue skies! Sunshine! Daffodils! Expand your lunch options to include salads again, with this quick Spring quinoa salad bowl.

Could you do seven a day?

6 February 2014

Seven… pushups? situps? Actually, it’s fruit and veg. Aussies go beyond the British 5 a day, and eat 2 & 5. Here’s how you can do it – with ease.

Feeling free

27 January 2014

Australia makes it easy for foodies to go alcohol and caffeine free.