Clever ways to quit sugar: how to do it, and what to eat

Are you ready to quit sugar? I tell you how to do it (and come out the other side) in Women's Health magazine.

"You all know that you should be cutting back your sugar intake, right? But...being consistent is much easier said than done. So how to stay on the straight and narrow when the odds are stacked against you? Easy. We quizzed the experts to get their professional – and personal (that’s right, even nutritionists wonder how to quit sugar from time to time) – tips for giving up the white stuff."

My expert tips will have you free of cravings in no time, in this fantastic feature in Women's Health magazine. Want the skinny right now? Just scroll down.  

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Stop! Put that tiny cake down.

1. Explore alternative flavours

“I help my clients keep their mind off sweet things by encouraging them to discover different tastes. A handful of crunchy nuts and seeds sprinkled with chilli powder will stimulate your tastebuds in a way that chocolate can’t."

2. Eat before you're hungry

"Aim to eat every three hours. You’re more likely to make low-sugar options when your willpower isn’t weak with hunger. Set reminders on your phone if you need to.”

3. Spice up your life

“Add cinnamon to your breakfast. Studies have shown that just 6g of the stuff – about a teaspoon – can reduce blood sugar dips after eating. Sprinkle it on your morning porridge, or over baked apples come the evening.”

4. Ease in gradually

“I never recommend quitting sugar outright – you’ll only crave it even more. Easing into change means you’re more likely to stick with it, as your body (and mind) have time to adjust. Set yourself small goals such as reducing the sugar in your latte by half for a week, then half again a week later.” 

5. Have a back-up plan

“When you’re trying to eat less sugar, use ‘if-then’ planning. Think about what you’ll do when you get a sugar craving. For example, ‘If I get a sugar craving at breakfast, then I will add berries to my morning yoghurt instead of honey’.”


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24 February 2018