"Kym's advice about my acid reflux has been invaluable" - Dan's story

Dan learnt how to keep his acid reflux and bloating under control, without giving up the foods he loves.

Dan has had acid reflux since he was a child, and it has got worse as he's got older. He takes medication to control acid levels, but quickly started to experience painful symptoms including burping, bloating and trapped wind, which kept him awake at night. 

Dan felt frustrated with taking high doses of PPI medication that didn't seem to be helping enough. He started investigating diet as a complementary approach. He had read about the low FODMAP diet and decided to give it a go, but he felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information on the internet. When I first started working with Dan, we focused on improving his overall diet and eating habits to support healthy digestion. His symptoms improved somewhat, but he wanted to see if the low FODMAP diet would have a more significant effect. I supported Dan through the process, including a very methodical reintroduction of foods to identify his personal tolerance. Dan also realised that work stress was a significant trigger, and maintaining this awareness has been very helpful in overall symptom management. He’s also been able to reduce his medication to alternate days with his doctor’s approval.

In Dan’s words:

“I decided to do something about my diet because I was having painful digestive symptoms – stomach ache, painful acid reflux and trapped wind. This had been going on for over a year and I was fed up.

I wanted to try the low FODMAP diet and knew I needed expert help. I found Kym’s website and she seemed extremely knowledgeable, so I booked an appointment.

The low FODMAP diet can feel complicated and restrictive, so Kym’s advice was invaluable. She focused on making it easy and clear. She helped me reduce high FODMAP foods, then gradually reintroduce them to see which were trigger foods for me.

My symptoms are not 100% perfect, but I have realised that stress causes at least half of my digestive issues. Kym helped me become aware of that. I am much better: feeling more comfortable, and sleeping better. I have also lost weight and feel much healthier all round.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kym. She combines a high level of expertise with a great deal of warmth and care for her clients. She is brilliant at what she does and so if you need a nutritionist, I would definitely choose her.” Dan, London