Overcoming IBS with grace: Miranda's story

Miranda overcame six years of chronic digestive problems, and regained her confidence in food.  

By the time Miranda contacted me, she had been suffering from chronic constipation, bloating, wind and gut pain for over six years. She saw a gastroenterologist, tried hypnotherapy and avoided different foods including wheat, but nothing really worked. Miranda’s anxiety about her digestive problems was fuelling her symptoms, and the worse they got the more anxious she felt. She was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by her GP, who recommended she seek nutrition advice.

IBS can be a debilitating condition. Miranda wanted to lead a fulfilling life – a busy and interesting job, exercise, socialising and having fun. She also wanted to feel confident around food again. Miranda was fully committed to improving her digestive health, and attended five sessions with me to make it happen. We worked closely together to identify triggers and finetune her diet; and discussed techniques like mindfulness to help reframe how she thought about her symptoms. Miranda is a lovely young woman with a zest for life, and she approached all the changes she made with awareness and grace.

Miranda's story

When I first came to see Kym, I was constantly constipated and bloated, and suffering regularly from stomach ache, bloating and wind. My GP diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). My digestive symptoms made me feel very anxious and irritable, but also sluggish and lacking in energy.

I couldn't see any patterns; my symptoms seemed so random. I realised that I was compromising areas in my life that I shouldn't be due to anxiety and the physical effects of IBS, and this pushed me to actively seek a new solution. I had tried quite a few things before that had all been unsuccessful.

It felt difficult at times to accept I need to avoid certain foods – partly for the inconvenience it can cause when eating out, but also because, as someone who loves food, I want to be able to enjoy it all! However, understanding my symptoms and triggers better has made me feel so much more confident about how I can deal with my IBS. Rather than just making decisions impulsively and inconsistently, I can now make well informed choices about what and how I eat, and enjoy it too.

I feel hugely relieved that my symptoms have lessened, and that I have more control over my IBS. This has also made me feel less ashamed and be more open about it; and this feeling of acceptance helps me feel more positive about managing my symptoms.

I really appreciated Kym's very personalised and holistic support. She has been really helpful when it came to making difficult changes to my diet and routine, and she understood my particular motivations and anxieties throughout the process. Her support by email and phone was also fantastic: she has never felt far away, which has been a real comfort.

Miranda, London