Once and for all - is broccoli low or high FODMAP?

On the low FODMAP diet and confused about broccoli? Let's get to the top (or bottom) of it. 

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While it might not be one of life's great mysteries, finding out whether broccoli is low or high FODMAP has been a real pain in the you-know-what for IBS sufferers. You're trying to eat a healthy diet, broccoli is inexpensive, tastes great stirfried or steamed, yet the information about its FODMAP content has always been conflicting. So Monash University, the research team who came up with the low FODMAP diet, have re-tested it to solve this question once and for all. 

Drum roll please...

  • Broccoli heads are low FODMAP for in a 1 cup serve
  • Broccoli stalks are high FODMAP for a 1 cup serve
  • If you're eating the whole broccoli, the FODMAP rating is low for a 1 cup serve

Broccoli stalks contain excess fructose, but if you're eating the whole broccoli you'll get a balance of stalks and heads - hence avoiding a high FODMAP rating. If you're a Jamie Oliver fan you'll know that the stalks taste great when sliced thinly and stirfried, so unless you're super-sensitive then go ahead and enjoy up to ½ cup. Otherwise stick to the flower-like heads in your stews, traybakes and salads. I like my broccoli stirfried with thinly sliced ginger and sprinkled with sesame seeds - how will you eat your broccoli today?