Premenstrual water retention: 8 ways to beat it with food

This month I'm talking to Women's Health magazine about how you can beat the monthly bloat.

"Period weight gain – it’s something you’ve come to expect, right? Once or twice each month – when you ovulate and a week before your bleed starts – you puff up like a balloon. Clothes that fitted effortlessly when you went to bed, are suddenly a squeeze to get on and, despite your healthiest, most active efforts, you feel like the Michelin Man."

I tell you what to eat to banish water retention before and during your period in my online interview with Women's Health magazine. And it's Valentine's Day to boot (just in the nick of time to help you into that slinky dress!). Get the headlines below the fold.

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Two weeks before your period

Swerve the salt shaker

Opt for wholegrains

Scoff some porridge

Up your potassium 


During your period

Choose complex carbs

Get snacking

Drink up

Change up your breakfast


Want more? Follow the link below for more of my bloat-beating tips in Women's Health magazine:

Bloated? The real reason behind your water retention


Your digestive health coach,

Kym at pip nutrition

24 February 2018