The best bread for IBS sufferers

You don't have to give up bread if you have IBS. No, really! I share my top (tasty) IBS-friendly loaves.

Bread by Bike

Image: Bread by Bike


Since I started specialising in digestive health, one of the main foods my clients have found hard to give up is bread. Their struggle increases on the low FODMAP diet, which requires you to reduce your intake of wheat and rye. But you don't have to suffer! While too much bread can cause bloating and stomach pain for many of us, it doesn't have to be an all or nothing situation. The secret? Spelt sourdough bread.

Many people find that sourdough bread is easier on their stomach than standard supermarket loaves. Sourdough bread is less likely to trigger digestive problems or food intolerances, as the fermentation process makes gluten more digestible. Sourdough is also more nutritious, as fermentation makes vitamins and minerals in flour more available to our body. But knowing which type of bread you can enjoy without triggering your digestive symptoms can be a challenge.

If you find that eating bread gives you bloating, gut pain or wind, try spelt sourdough loaf. Spelt is an ancient form of wheat that is lower in glut, and it also contains less fructans - the fermentable carbohydrate found in wheat and rye that's increasingly thought by scientists to be the cause of tummy pain rather than gluten. Just stick to two slices a day (hard though it might be!). Here's my top loaves. So now the secret is out.

1. Dunn's Bakery whole spelt sourdough 

spelt sourdough

This one tops my list. It's hyper local to my digestive health clinic (almost across the road), it's an old, loved bakery and most importantly, it's a 100% wholemeal spelt sourdough loaf. Get it when it's freshly baked.

Buy it here. Small loaf, £3.10

2. Bread by Bike's 30% spelt sourdough 

Young baker Andy Strang was baking loaves and delivering them by bike, before he set up café and bakery Bread by Bike in Brecknock Road, Tufnell Park. If your stomach can tolerate some wheat, you should try this loaf. It's 30% spelt, 60% wheat, 10% rye, with a light crust. Delicious. 

Buy it here. Regular size, £3.85


3. Waitrose 1 Spelt Sourdough Bread

Handcrafted over three days with slow-fermented dough made from white and wholemeal Shipton Mill spelt flour, this loaf has a nutty flavour. It is pretty chewy though, so you may want to slice it up and toast it. Bonus: it's inexpensive and from your favourite supermarket. 

Buy it here. 500g, £2.50


4. Gail's Danish spelt sourdough loaf

Made with wholemeal spelt flour, currants and stout (so it's one for the guys to try). It is a loaf style, and very dense. Eat in small amounts, but enjoy the unusual flavour. Gail's Bakery in Crouch End was making a 100% spelt sourdough loaf, but it's become difficult to get hold of. 

Buy it here. Loaf, £5.80


Your digestive health coach,

Kym at pip nutrition

20 April 2018