The Sunlight Sets

Welcome to The Sunlight Sets, my cookbook in progress: light, easy to digest set menus everyone can enjoy.

I help women with IBS, and other frustrating digestive problems, to get out of pain and enjoy food again. But there's more to good digestion than FODMAPs and fibre. I've been busy in the pip kitchen designing gorgeous, easy recipes that support a healthy gut: so we can all feel good inside. Isn't that a pip?

Welcome to the Sunlight Sets – simple set menus with airy textures, probiotic ingredients and stimulating flavours. Each menu has a dish, a drink and a flavour burst that will wake up your tastebuds, boost digestion and have you feeling light as a feather. Being relaxed and comfortable in your own skin can support digestion too, so with each menu you’ll find a ritual to help you slow down and find happiness in the small things.

Each main course serves 2, unless stated otherwise. The drink and flavour burst recipes often make enough for 3 days, so you can add them to other meals and snacks.

If you are lactose intolerant, following the low FODMAP diet for IBS or just have a sensitive gut, you can still enjoy my recipes: just check out ‘Make it work for you’ at the bottom of each menu.

You'll find all the Sunlight Sets right here. I'd love to hear what you think: please let me know!


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