Your digestive health coach

BSc-qualified nutrition professional, MSc in public health in progress


Registration, Australia: Australian Natural Therapists Association (in progress)


Registration, UK: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy


Public health consulting to
world-leading health organisations, including Bowel Cancer UK and the Mitchell Institute for Health Policy at Victoria University


Public Health Association of Australia committee member

Strategic lead, oral cancer prevention and early detection program for the Victorian Department of Health 

Kym Lang BSc
Nutritionist: digestive health specialist


My first encounter with digestive problems came long before I trained in nutrition, when I got ‘Bali Belly’ on a summer break. That holiday experience lived on in my gut for 5 years. Moving from Australia to London to further my hectic corporate career didn't help. Constant stress started to impact how  I ate and felt. The bland foods my stomach could tolerate were so dull, and sapping my energy. I started searching for an easier, enjoyable way to put good food at the heart of my health.

I can help you. A few years on, with a Bachelor degree in nutrition under my belt and a thriving clinic, I noticed that many of my clients had chronic digestive problems. Some were diagnosed with IBS; others felt constantly bloated but couldn’t find the cause. Most arrived after trying every food restriction imaginable. Now I focus solely on helping people just like you get out of pain and discomfort and enjoy food again - combining my expertise and insight with endless encouragement.

I'm back in Australia, working with a small number of clients at a time in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, including Hampton, Brighton and Black Rock, and across Melbourne including the CBD, to make sure you get my full attention and support. So take control of your digestive health today, knowing you'll have the professional guidance you need.

Digestive wellness

Evidence-based approach

Light, easy to digest recipes

Tailored advice and coaching

Melbourne & London

Telehealth consultations available


(Hampton, Bayside, CBD)

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