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The Sunlight Sets

Light, easy to digest recipes we can all enjoy.

I help women with IBS and other frustrating digestive problems get out of pain and enjoy food again. But there’s more to good digestion than FODMAPs and fibre. I’ve been busy in the pip kitchen creating gorgeous, easy recipes that support a healthy gut: so we can all feel good inside. Isn’t that a pip?

Welcome to The Sunlight Sets

Simple set menus with airy textures, probiotic ingredients and stimulating flavours. Each menu has a dish, a drink and a flavour burst that will wake up your tastebuds, boost digestion and have you feeling light as a feather. Being relaxed and comfortable in your own skin can support digestion too, so with each menu you’ll find a ritual to help you slow down and find happiness in the small things. I'll be sharing new Sunlight Set menus in this blog, starting with my favourite: "When life gives you lemons". If you're following a special diet for your digestion problems, check out my extra tips at the bottom of each menu.

In the meantime, meet Pip, the star of my cookbook-in-the-making The Sunlight Sets. Lots of people call me Pip, which I find sweet (even though it's not my name!). Pip is actually an acronym for the way I support my clients seeking nutrition advice for digestive problems: personalised 🍋insightful 🍉 possible 🍓. But it's also a great name for the gorgeous woman in my cookbook. Pip represents all the women that walk through the door of my practice, who want to get out of pain and enjoy food again.

Get an exclusive extract from The Sunlight Sets

If you're a client of pip nutrition, old or new, email hello@pipnutrition.com for your PDF copy. Or just go to www.pipnutrition.com, join my mailing list and you can download it straight away. Enjoy!

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